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I have worked with Vikki for a couple of years. At ITV, she has helped us develop an internal ITV house style and tone of voice that's in step with our culture and has helped drive engagement across the business. 

We had such a positive response from ITV colleagues about our new, more conversational style of writing that different functions across the business asked us how they could learn to write in an engaging, conversational style.

So with Vikki's help, we set up tone of voice workshops across ITV. They have been a huge success, with 100% of people saying they would recommend the workshops to others. This success is in no small part down to Vikki's natural coaching style, coupled with her brilliant writing and deep knowledge of how, through great copywriting, you bring your own brand to life and engage and inspire your people.

Vikki has also provided scripts and copy for a number of internal campaigns that we've worked on in partnership with our in-house creative team. Whenever Vikki is involved in a campaign or initiative, you know you're in safe hands. All of my team love working with her and have learnt a lot from her. 

I value her professionalism, her passion for words, and her ability to enthuse others to share her passion. 

Nicole Dempster, Internal Communications Director, ITV


Vikki has been a key mentor at SCA for three years now, and we all think that she is fantastic. The students enjoy her honest feedback, her passion for copywriting and her brilliant classes. The school values the great contributions she has made towards improving the quality of craft in our students’ books.

If SCA is the best ad school in the world, it is because it works with the best people.  People like Vikki.

Marc Lewis, Dean, School of Communication Arts 2.0


There are very few copywriters I would trust to represent me or my brand to my clients. Vikki Ross is one of those copywriters.

When I wanted a partner to deliver a copywriting and tone of voice workshop for one of my clients, Vikki was the natural, and obvious, choice.

She is an example of that rare breed: someone who always wanted to be a copywriter and set out to achieve mastery of her chosen craft from the moment she was able.

She is an expert in advertising copy, in tone of voice, in creating memorable, emotion-driven straplines and in writing the sort of copy that makes people buy.

THAT is why I worked with her and why I continue to run open courses with her.

Vikki is no mere spouter of lecture notes, either. Her style is to get people involved, for, as she says, "copywriting is a conversation," and she applies that mantra to her teaching.

If you want your people to understand the purpose of copywriting, if you want them to be able to do it better, if you want them to “get” tone of voice, hire Vikki Ross.

Andy Maslen, Managing Director, Sunfish and CEO, Andy Maslen Copywriting Academy



Vikki is not only an outstanding writer, but is a brilliant coach who’s led workshops to help empower our team to craft messaging that brings our brand activations to life in social and marcomms. I cannot recommend her as a writer and trainer enough.

Hannah Searle, Senior Partnerships Manager, Sky



Vikki's love of copywriting is contagious. Her workshops covered big topics like tone of voice as well as small, practical tips that improved my writing. Each session was delivered with zero jargon and a ton of passion, making them enjoyable and informative. Going through my copy one-on-one was also incredibly useful - she gave me concrete examples that helped me learn and develop. The knowledge she shares is a solid foundation for anyone that wants to start a career in copywriting. 

Tom Manning, Junior Creative, Havas Worldwide, London



I first met Vikki at the School of Communication Arts where she taught masterclasses in copywriting, ran small group workshops and personal tutorials. Having been on the receiving end of all three, I feel qualified in saying that her talent with words exists both on and off paper. Vikki's fantastic at cutting through confusing matters with clear instruction and sturdy advice.

She's a library of knowledge, experience and skills, all of which she knows how to share. From my experience, great Copywriters are rare, but ones with a talent for teaching are gold dust. The fact that I still hear Vikki's advice in my head when working on copy is testament to the effective and hugely helpful influence she's had on my professional growth.  

Eytan Smith, Junior Copywriter, Brothers & Sisters



Vikki has proved she’s flexible enough to expertly craft copy for the professional, polished Sky Brand and then effortlessly provide sound advice and guidance on how the vibrant, fun and colourful NOW TV brand should sound.

Vikki helped us run a series of TOV workshops where we explored how the NOW TV TOV could be maximized in all areas of our business. She captured the room when she presented her chosen best practice copy examples from a diverse group of brands. Vikki also got people thinking about words in ways they had never thought about them before with her excellent presentation.

She expertly guided less experienced copywriters through the principles of good, consistent copy that is appropriate for the brand in question.

The result? As Brand Manager for NOW TV I’m extremely proud of how our punchy TOV now permeates through not just advertising, but our products, our processes, our customer services, our sales journeys and so much more. Vikki has made a real difference to how the NOW TV Brand talks.

Richard Pallister, Brand Development Manager, NOW TV



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